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What factors do slot machines have to meet?
On top of the maximum winnings and losses, slot machines in restaurants and gaming libraries have to meet a few other quite extreme regulations: - Transparency: An extensive payout table needs to be connected to the machine.
- Check: Every unit should be checked a minimum of every twenty four months by a sworn, publicly appointed expert at the cost of the installer.
- Equal chances: The odds of winning ought to remain the same at a machine.

- Documentation: All bets, losses as well as winnings must be recorded.
- Play in euros: Ads, stakes and winnings on the magnetic energy generators might only be one euro and cent (not points).
- Maximum deposit: A player can top up a machine with a maximum of 10 euros. Amounts won may not be automatically posted to the stake.
- No auto-play: A feature of the auto play is not permitted.
- Break after three hours: After three hours, a machine has to be entirely reset, the money stores have to be emptied and the machine has to pause for fifteen minutes.

Winnings and maximum bets per game The maximum amount it is possible to bet and also gain per game on the machines depends on just how long a game lasts. The longer a single game usually lasts, the higher the stakes as well as winnings can easily be. But, no more than 2.30 euros might be wagered per game and no over twenty three euros in profit might be distributed.

Anywhere does slot machines be set up in Germany?
Based on the law, gaming machines might only be set up in the following locations in Germany:
- In registered gaming libraries
- In gastronomic establishments (restaurants) or accommodation establishments
- In betting offices of an authorized bookmaker

Slot machines are explicitly not allowed to be set up in Germany at these locations:
- At fairs, folk festivals or similar events
- In pubs, bars as well as cafes
- In spots that are mostly visited by people which are young

What number of machines can an operator set up?
The amount of slot machines that might be in a game library or maybe restaurant is also strictly regulated.
- A restaurant is able to end up with a maximum of two slot machines.
- A gaming library could have a maximum of 12 slot machines and a maximum of one slot machine every twelve square meters of retail space.
- If alcoholic beverages are actually served to the game library, the number of machines is limited to 3.
Law on the payout percentage on slot machines The exact payout quota on the slot machines is no longer regulated by law. According to the latest regulation amending the gaming regulation from 2014, solely the highest winnings as well as losses, in addition to the average length withheld per hour every slot machine are stipulated.
สล็อตออนไลน์ Until 2005 it was a principle that a printer had to pay out at least 50 percent of the stakes to the player on average. These days the exhibitors - above all Merkur and Novomatic with Novoline - advertise with payout rates of 80 percent. However, the specific values are likely to be well below these rates and are in the assortment of around 60 %.
Statistical surveys show that an average of eleven euros per hour was withheld in an active slot machine in 2017. The law provides for an upper limit of 20 euros.
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